We are proud to have worked in the Pioneer Valley for over 25 years!

Q: Are you licensed and insured?

A: Yes we are fully licensed and insured, we have our liability and workman's comp, we are also licensed by the state with a HIC license and CSL license, both can be looked up online with the state and copies of our insure can be sent as well.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: We have been in business for over 25 years in Western Mass.

Q: How much does a chimney cost?

A: Every chimney is different in size, use and location. Best way is to come out and take a look and exactly what the issue is, than we can email you a FREE quote explaining the damage and the purposed work needed.

Q: Do you need a building permit for my chimney?

A: In most cases YES, but with some minor repairs it may not be needed. Always make sure you let the contractor pull the building permit for the job, if not, you are liable for his work and his employees on your property, also by the contractor pulling the permit it assures you (the homeowner) the he is licensed and insured and that his work will be checked by the building inspector.

Q: Do you do new construction or just repair?

A: We do both new and repair. From new foundations to new fireplaces or just a simple repair of a couple bricks. If it is laid in mortar we do it, stone or brick.

Q: Do you work year round?

A: Weather permitting we do work year round. When it gets really cold to work outside we do inside work on foundations, fireplaces etc..

Q : If I have a problem on the job, can I speak with the owner?

A: Yes, that is the best reason to do work with a small local business, Dave is usually on the job site most days, if not, he is always available to meet in person and discuss the job prior, during and after completion.

Q: Do you send out references?

A: Upon request only, our work speaks for itself on the website. See our various services to view details and our gallery of work as well as read the reviews and testimonials from our clients.

Q: How long does it take to get a estimate?

A: Depending on the time of year, usually only a couple days. We will send you quote via mail, fax or email depending on what works best for you. Request A Quote here.

Q: How far in advance are you booked out with work?

A: Depends on the time of the year again, but usually one month weather permitting.

Q: Where can I find your company online?

A: Check us out on the BBB.

Celebrating 25 Years In Business!
Dave Osiecki, owner, Western Mass Masons

Contact info

383 College Highway
Southampton, MA 01073
Office: (413) 527-1800
FAX: (413) 527-1800
Email: Dave Osiecki, Owner

Hardscape Inquiries:
Aaron Law

Billing Inquiries:
Tony Osiecki

Office hours

Monday:          9am-5pm
Tuesday:         9am-3pm
Wednesday:   9am-5pm
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